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From ovens to towels: British Airways puts thousands of Boeing 747 parts up for sale

Some of the items would have been used thousands of times.

FDA authorizes Regeneron's Covid treatment, taken by Trump, for emergency use

Regeneron's therapy is part of a class of treatments known as monoclonal antibodies, which are made to act as immune cells that scientists hope can fight infections.

Michigan certifies Biden election win, days after Trump leans on state's GOP lawmakers

President Donald Trump faces an increasingly uphill battle to reverse the projected win for Joe Biden in the White House race.

Robertson not ruling out extending bright-line test - the tax on investment properties

"If they were honest they'd say it's a capital gains tax," says ACT leader David Seymour.

Is it the end of the line for record-high red meat prices?

COVID-19 is continuing to impact the global food service industry.

GM withdraws support for Trump's lawsuit against California over emissions

GM is withdrawing from litigation led by the Trump administration against California over the state being allowed to set its own emissions regulations.

COVID-19 vaccinations to be compulsory for all international flights - Qantas boss

He says Qantas won't be the only airline enforcing this rule.

'I've made $6000 to $8000': Pensioner says returns from KiwiSaver beat putting money in the bank

"By the time you pay tax on that money, you get nothing."

Can Joe Biden forgive student debt without Congress? Here's what the experts say

It's a pressing question for tens of millions of Americans: Can the president forgive student debt without Congress? Here's what the experts say.

Pentagon sends nearly 300,000 pounds of traditional Thanksgiving dinner to U.S. troops around the world

Ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, the Pentagon sent nearly 51,000 pounds of roasted turkey to American troops stationed on U.S. military installations around the world.

Principals struggle with meeting needs, despite teacher aides pay deal

School principals say they are caught in a vice of how to employ teacher aides with a funding matrix that is too hard to use.

Thanksgiving is usually a $250 million box office haul. This weekend it will be hard to reach $20 million

The Thanksgiving box office is set to see its worst haul in decades due to the coronavirus pandemic.

'Wacky ideas' won't stop runaway house prices, but there's one thing that will - Sir John Key

"You can come up with all sorts of crazy and wacky ideas but, in the end, houses don't largely sit around dormant."

'We had to make a stand': Why this carpet maker hasn't looked back after ditching synthetics

Bremworth announced earlier this year all its carpets would be made from wool.

Reserve Bank slammed as 'asking for trouble', 'completely out of touch' - economist

He wants Grant Robertson to step in and order the Reserve Bank to stop pouring fuel on the housing market fire.

PM gets prickly over Davidson's wealth tax comments, says her 'concern' over house prices sets her apart from Na

Ardern says the National Party was unconcerned over skyrocketing prices.

'Real attraction': Thousands of city-dwellers move to regions as house prices continue to rise

"It feels like you can breathe again."

Wellington Carillon tower review: Quake assessment leaves risks unresolved

Basic questions like how the foundations of the Carillon bell tower in Wellington will perform in a major earthquake are not known despite years spent trying to fix it, a review shows.

The poshest hotels that opened in Asia in 2020

Despite the pandemic, marquee brands opened new hotels, resorts and lodges across Asia in 2020.

Loan-to-value restrictions back in from March - Reserve Bank

Subject to final consultation, LVR limits will restrict high-risk lending, particularly to property investors

Robertson is passing the buck a bit on house prices - but what else is he to do?

The Finance Minister appears to have cracked under attacks from National and ACT, says Ryan Bridge.

'Many benefit from the status quo': MPs should be put in public housing - Green MP

"In any other sector, making decisions about something you have a direct financial stake in is a conflict of interest."

GSA offers to brief lawmakers on Biden transition next week; Emily Murphy won't host

The General Services Administration has come under intense scrutiny and pressure from Democrats to free up funding for Joe Biden's transition.

The housing market is outrageous - but the PM is stuck between a rock and a hard place

Getting on the property ladder is unattainable - and not because first-home buyers are eating too much avocado, says Ryan Bridge.

Anchor milks go carbon-zero

The company predicts the move will lead to 10 million litres of milk consumed by Kiwis in 2021 being carbon-free.

Managed isolation, quarantine costing $2.4m a day, figures show

Managed isolation and quarantine is costing about $2.4 million a day, figures released to RNZ show, and Cabinet is due to consider long-term funding options before the end of the year.

'On the edge of livable': Dingy Wellington flat going for $815 per week - and people are queuing to pay

The apartment's reputation spans almost two decades.

Spending surge doesn't make up for lockdown losses

A record-breaking surge in spending after the first lockdown ended wasn't quite big enough.

Hospitality industry desperate as worker shortage threatens to shut businesses down

"We need help to ensure the survival of our businesses."

Trump attends his final G-20 summit but does not participate in pandemic preparedness session

President Trump did not participate in a virtual G-20 event on pandemic preparedness, even as Covid-19 infections surge and break daily records across the U.S.

What are Kiwis' attitudes towards savings and investment post-lockdown?

Sharesies has released its annual investor survey.

The battle for a prized piece of ocean

Aquaculture company NZ King Salmon sees open ocean farming as the way to significantly increase its production, but its plans are running into a strong tide of opposition For anyone with a connection to the Marlborough Sounds, the news of plans for another NZ King Salmon farm is cause for concern. The company has a chequered history in the area with site selection, high fish mortalities and resource consent battles as it pushes to expand its...

Minimum wage increase makes sense despite 'creative destructions' that might happen - NZIER

"Firms that aren't really meant to survive won't survive."

Biden team denies president-elect wants Democrats to accept smaller relief deal

Joe Biden's transition team says he supports Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer's push for a stimulus plan that costs at least $2.2 trillion.

Amazon pushes holiday shoppers to pick up packages at stores amid potential delivery crunch

Amazon is now letting shoppers pick up their packages from some of its brick-and-mortar retail stores as it stares down a potential delivery crunch.

Banks warned of 'emerging risks' in horticulture as sector struggles with labour shortage

Horticulture lending, led by the kiwifruit industry, is growing at an annual rate of 15 percent.

Trump brags about Dow 30,000 at surprise news conference, leaves after a minute

Trump's 62-second appearance came less than a day after his administration took a major step toward the transition to Joe Biden's presidency.

'Buyers like to add value': Tips and tricks to get the best price when selling your house

'It can be beneficial to leave something for the next owner to do'.

YouTube suspends OANN for a week after it posted fake Covid-19 cure

YouTube barred One America News Network from posting new videos for a week, after the right-leaning media organization uploaded a fake cure for the coronavirus.

Reserve Bank boss to discuss tax changes in talks with Finance Minister over house prices

The Greens are welcoming his comments.

China is an opportunity for India — not a threat, Beijing says as more apps are banned

India has blocked at least 220 Chinese mobile apps, some of them made by China's prominent consumer-facing tech companies like ByteDance, Tencent and Alibaba.

India will likely go for bilateral trade pacts for now — not mega deals like RCEP

India was part of the early negotiations for RCEP but said last year it would not join the world's largest trading bloc.

Bringing loan-to-value ratio restrictions back will take 'some but not all' heat out of housing market - expert

The Reserve Bank plans to bring back LVR restrictions from March.

Freshwater front of mind for new Fish and Game boss

Ray Grubb was appointed in the role over the weekend.

Tenants warned of 'long summer ahead' as rents spike by record amount

Demand is still outstripping supply.

Commercial property companies report strong results

The increasing value of property has seen two commercial investment companies report robust half-year results, after portfolio revaluations.

St John, First Union discuss issues around pay disagreement ahead of strike

St John and First Union discuss the pay issue that has led to disagreement ahead of a strike of ambulance staff on Wednesday.

Locals can't fill hole left by international tourists

Domestic tourism is booming as Kiwis get out and explore the country but without international tourists New Zealand will face a deficit of nearly $13 billion. Mark Jennings reports. It takes 12 overnight trips from someone living in New Zealand to equal the spend of one international visitor. New research commissioned by Tourism New Zealand has highlighted what is obvious to most companies operating in the sector – low spending Kiwis can’t make...

Singapore-Hong Kong travel bubble delayed amid rise in Hong Kong's coronavirus cases

The announcement came hours after Singapore said the agreement, which was set to take effect on Sunday, would go ahead as planned.

Europe looks to crack open data encryption on messaging services like WhatsApp

EU lawmakers have long searched for a fairer balance between privacy and the ability of police agencies to do their jobs, an EU spokesperson told CNBC.